Saturday, 3 June 2006

hot, hot, hot!

I have to have a new tactic for long runs - I am going to try to do them on Saturdays, but not let them hog all the day,

also I don't do hot weather running (so why am i doing an autumn marathon I hear you cry) so need to do them early

so set the alarm for 6, got up and had some breakfast - the new pre-run breakfast is fruity meusli left to soak in skimmed milk overnihgt - very tasty this morning :>)

and back to bed until 8

then off out to run

(I didn't sleep very well last night - I think I was thinking about the getting up and the long run and .....)

4 miles down river, mostly traffic free, arriving at the gym (after a slight detour to get to 4 miles)
into the gym to use the facilities, buy a lucoazade sport and have a bit of a stretch

and then 4 miles back home again

8 miles done - first 'long' run ticked off and the furthest since FLM :>)

the numbers:

Mile Pace AHR
1 13:45 123 downhill - walked first 5 min
2 13:16 138
3 14:18 137
4 12:56 139
5 12:45 138
6 14:08 140
7 13:44141
8 16:05 135 walked mostly up the steep bits
0.2 14:55 138
8.2 13:49 136 1:53:29
the undulations

by the time I got home the sun was really quite hot - so I was pleased to have got the run out of the way

Oh and I did enjoy it !


coach said...

[beams proudly]

Evil Pixie said...

keep at it! Tis very hot so take care

b-z said...

thats briiliant
it WEAS indded hot yesterday