Thursday, 8 June 2006

club run

"How far did I want to go?" I was asked.

About 5 miles I said.

So off we went - Ex Lady Sprinter leading the way - she is getting quicker every week I reckon. V69 started off with XLS and I tried not to go off too quickly to give my legs a chance to get used to the idea of a (slightly) quicker run.

Boy, was it warm.

After a while V69 dropped back to run with me and we plodded along, him telling me how much I have improved since I began running with him- and how proud he is of XLS - who has improved even more!

And so we trogged along, me struggling to keep going without walking (but managing it because V69 told me that I used to stop and now I don't!).

XLS took a slightly longer loop round the lake, which meant we ended up ahead of her and paused for a while. And then off again and plod back to the club.

4.8 miles done.

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