Tuesday, 20 June 2006

another year goes by ........

another double done yesterday - I rather like the morning plod outside and the evening on the tready, it's a routine I could get used to - I don't think it is as good as one long plod, but I just can't find time for that in one chunk in the week

today is not a running day- which is just as well as I was up early to drive to Manchester, do some teacher training and then drive home, do the teenbeanz taxi service, make tea and watch the footy

and age another year :>)

not a very exciting birthday, but that may come later when studentbeanz comes home and we can all go out for a meal together

actually I really do not feel my age - I certainly don't feel 10-20 years older than you lot - this running lark has a lot to answer for!


Highway Kind said...

Happy birthday Beanz.

Another year makes no difference. We all remain about 17 in our heads (except of course from those who have been 47 since the age of 10).

b-z said...

Happy birthday

doubles , eh??????????

whatever next

Evil Pixie said...


Bedders said...

Missed it! Happy Birthday belatedly!