Monday, 17 July 2006


Up early to run in Cambridge this morning. There are fewer cycle paths off road in this part of town, but there is Stickless’s Kingfisher stream to enjoy.


So off I went for a plod, trying to warm up gradually – that is slowly. HRM was very intermittent, so a run based on feel was called for.

And as usual the first mile felt horrid, but I just went with the flow – fartlekking between lampposts and trees.

Off the road and along Stickless’s path and disaster!



They have gravelled what was previously a fairly rough muddy path and now there is little chance on creeping up on any wild life – it can hear me coming miles away!


Last summer when I ran along here I saw a small deer (muntjac?) I couldn’t believe it was a deer, but S assured me it could have been. Today a couple of herons took flight as I clomped up and sundry coots and moorhens pottered in the stream.

It would be difficult to see a kingfisher at this time of year as it so overgrown. The trouble is that in the winter when I am here it is too dark to run along there at the time of say I am able to run.


Anyway after two miles of fartlek at last I fel like a runner and I did the third mile in 12:15 – I was determined not to slow down to a walk :>)) I think that is probably the best training mile I have ever done on my own with nobody to keep me going!


Not sure if I will run tomorrow morning. MrBeanz is coming down this evening and we are going to a retirement do for four colleagues who we worked with 20+ years ago. Unfortunately MrB has to go back this evening as he has unavoidable meetings tomorrow.


So it depends how good the party is!

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Outsidenow said...

Good running beanz!

Shame about 'improvement' to path.

Rest tomorrow.