Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Another hot day ahead

Last night we went to a retirement do for 4 people I worked with 23 years ago.
It's amazing how some folk have not changed a bit whilst I needed several minutes conversation with others before I could match a name to a face.
It was a late night and I decided I didn't need a run this morning - will be walking a few miles between meetings though.

You may have noticed that Abingdon has disappeared from the list of races to come. I cannot see how I could fit in the miles alongside the new job - and a heroic 'failure' wasn't to be contemplated.

Those with children and jobs will understand the decision , I am sure.


sue said...

a good decision Beanzie, no need to beat yourself up over a run! Abingdon will always be there (probably), maybe next year we can do it together???

Outsidenow said...

Echo what Sue said.

Your too wise to worry about such things.

Evil Pixie said...

It's harder to pull out than do a poor hard race
Well done I am sure it is the right thing - just enter FLM07 instead!

b-z said...

dont know if i dare comment, having neither a child nor a job