Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Running with friends

An advantage of the current job is that I get to travel around the country and meet friends and run with them.

So yesterday I ran with Coach and she saw the reality of my running .

We plodded slowly for 3 miles and came to the stunning conclusion that losing weight is the best way for my running to improve!

So no miracle cure, just got to eat better!

It was really great to run with Coach (and have a good natter) and I have been sent away to Cambridge to eat sensibly and get in some base training.

Need to plan in some long runs - 7 weeks to Robin Hood!

Early Wednesday
Set the alarm for early to get in a run before breakfast.
But Cambridge mozzies seem to have other ideas - a bite has become alarmingly red overnight and a swollen ankle is the result. A couple of years ago I ended up on antibiotics after a similar bite.

So I shall be keeping an eye on this. Meanwhile antihistamine rules.

And I'll settle for a brisk walk to and from the meeting.


Evil Pixie said...

So glad I am not the only one who has realised the ballast has to go for running to improve!!
Go Beanz Go!

sue said...

This weight thing is complex! I think that it's not so much what we eat as when we eat. This start the day with carbs and finish with protein seems to make some sense to me.

(the trouble is, I look forward to my supper of home made bread and jam with a mug of drinking chocolate -delicious but not good!!)

Keep at it Beanzie and you'll get there!

Outsidenow said...

Keep up the good work beanz!

You'll get there in the end because I think you really want to.

Btw, you should well pleased with your annual mileage tally to date. Looks like last year's total will be passed in the not too distant future.