Thursday, 6 July 2006

lost the plot .....

I seem to have lost the plot this week. I haven't run since Monday and can't get my act together now either.

I could blame it on work - I have loads to do and find difficulty in justifying taking time out in the day to run.

Not only is early morning the best time for running for me, it is also the most productive time for getting on with marking. So today marking is taking priority.

The week
Tuesday - I didn't get back from a meeting in York until gone 8
Wednesday - Governor's during the day and then a do at my new school - a lovely evening with music and food and a chance to get to chat to a few more folk - but no time to run an dno club night
Thursday - only day at home all day so I must break the back of the marking today and this evening a presentation at the teenbeanz's school and a fundraising do for a friend going to teach in Ethiopia with CAFOD
Friday - being trained in Sheffield all day and a teenbenaz taxi service in the evening
Saturday - speech day at new school

So fitting in plodding is going to be difficult - can't see where this week's long run is going to go either

and I didn't do enough runs last week

and the week before that was a write-off

Ho Hum - if all I've got toworry about is when to fit in a run I can't be too badly off can I??


b-z said...


But, the only way to fit them in is to make thenm as important as everything else in your day
Timetable them as you would a meeting

Evil Pixie said...

I so know where you are coming from Beanz and I don't have half as much on as you!!

HappyasLarry said...

Beanz - Sorry to read you are not managing to get out and enjoy your runs so regularly right now. Have you thought about giving Shades' training plan a try? Its only 3 or 4 runs per week, depending what you can fit in, only one long run, 2 shorter ones (one a speed one) and an optional extra one for if you have the time. Everyone who used it this year has given it the thumbs up and most have had PB's with it. I found it much easier to fit it in that the previous times I have marathon trained.
If you mail her on the training thread she will send it to you.