Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Walking in London

The teaching is over but the new job doesn't really start until September. However I have the odd day to do before then and yesterday was one such day. I had to go to London.

And there was no rush so I had time to walk.

Arriving at St Pancras is always such a joy - the refurbished new-old station is a pleasure to see, with its Derbyshire brick and soaring glass roof.

I was early so had time to drop into the British Museum - and another wonderful glass roof.

And then to Bedford Square to my meeting.

Imagine my delight to come round the corner and see this:

A sculpture named Driftwood Commissioned by the Architectural Association. More about it here.

On another corner there was 'driftwood' on a smaller scale.

A heavy downpour had washed material from the trees into pattern reminiscent of the beach.

And after the meeting a wander back through the streets, taking a different route and knowing I could 'tack' back to the station that I would end up somewhere along the Euston Road.
Taking an unfamiliar turn I came across this building, which looked like the Stasi might be behind the portcullis.

It is the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, so maybe I wasn't too wrong!

Back to the British Library, I always want to walk through the courtyard even if I don't have time to go inside. And here is Newton after Blake by Paolozzi.

And finally back to the wonders of St Pancras again.

More pictures on Flickr.


sue said...

I love St Pancras station, it has some sort of 'otherworld/time' feel to it.

Lovely pics, you have quite a sense of observation seeing those phenomena in all that noise and hustle and bustle that's London!

How's the knee holding up?

womble said...

I always enjoy your photos :o)