Sunday, 4 October 2009

Still here

I hadn't realised quite how long it has been since I blogged.

Much has changed.

I am now working in York during the week and going back home at the weekends.
I have a new bike, which fits me much better than my old one and am comfortably cycling the mile or so to the gym for a swim. I am aiming to do that at least two or three mornings a week while in York - so far I have done 1, 1, 2 times. And increasing the number of lengths as I go.
I am living in a little microhouse - a living room with kitchen and a 'mezzanine' bedroom and small study area. And a small garden whenre I need ot do something about the weeds. Enough for me and my knitting. The house is only a mile from work so a brisk walk in the morning is so much better than the 40 minute drive in the last job.
The job is going well, working with lovely people, some I already knew and some I had heard of but didn't know.

I am still knitting.
I knitted 30 squares to go into a couple of large blankets which were raffled for medicin sans frontieres.
The top one on my pile is showing on the blanket at iKnit.

In the summer my Mum had a hip operation and spent a week or so keeping her company and helping her recuperate. I began to knit a blanket of my own, with scraps of sock yarn.
The first square was this one.
And now many more squares have been added. My new avatar at the top is a close-up.


K said...

I do love that blanket!

beanz said...

ooh, K, fancy seeing you here :>)
the p/hop or the little squares?

Highway Kind said...

Good to hear from you again.

I am glad you are enjying your new job and seem to have established some good routines

Good luck


Marytheknit said...

I like that blnket as well!

womble said...

Hi, Beanz! Wow, I didn't know you'd have to be 'away' for your new job. Things have been busy here too recently, can't think why! I have a very tedious journey to work now, spending hours on the District Line. I've resorted to doing kakuro once I've finished all the sudokus I can lay my hands on in the morning. Any tips?

Hugs to you and Mr.