Wednesday, 15 September 2010


We had a great holday in Elie, Fife, with lots of chances to walk on the beach.

And take lots of photos.

Lots more on Flickr.

And I did some knitting too - some socks for a biologist colleague who has been a great support during my first year in the new job.


CCK said...

Beautiful photos...and is that Mr Beanz? I expect to see some gorgeous tapestries as a result of this, yes?

Highway Kind said...

Hi Beanz

Nice to know that you still like to blog occasionally

The photos look lovely.

Hope things are going well for you

Adele said...

Wow, those socks are impressive and so bright! Top knitter!

beanz said...

Thanks all, I am going to get back to being a little more systematic about this, I love taking photos and this is a great place to share them.

Footpather said...

Loooooooove those socks! Has Daffy seen them? They are so cheery.