Sunday, 27 February 2011

A day at the seaside

Long time no post.
But I have been knitting - all sorts of things - all on my flickr pages, but my current favourite knitted thing is a moebius cowl.

It is quite magical - knitted in the round, starting in the middle of the band and with only one bind-off edge.

The reason for this post is that today I discovered just how close York is to the coast. Only an hour's drive to Scarborough! So an impulse day out is possible, though today's trip was planned as soon as I saw the weather forecast was good.

We walked along the beach, around the harbour and back up to the top of the cliff to eat our sandwiches looking over the South Bay. (We resisted the Fish and Chips, though decided we need to find out which is the best chippy.)
Our car park time had run out, so we drove round to the North Bay - what a contrast!

South Bay was sheltered and calm. North Bay was windy with proper waves (and Free Parking until 1st March).

There is nothing like some wind and waves to set you up for the week.


sue said...

Hya Beaznie! Lovely to see you. You should pop by the WAISter lounge occasionally to let us know how you are.
I love that cowl thing - is the pattern available? I don't see you much on Ravelery that thread moves too fast!. I hang around the knitting machine threads mostly.
Any chance you'll be at the Wales Woolfest in April?
How's the job and the family?

Oooh so many questions!!!

Take care

beanz said...

Hi Sue, nice to see you too.
This cowl was out of my head, though some time ago I knitted this one, so that gave be the principles. It is quite magic because you are knitting from the middle and don't really know how it will be until you bind-off.
I've emailed oyu about Wonderwool - plannign to go ont eh Saturday.

Footpather said...

What gorgeous knitteds on your Flckr pages. I love those blues and greens. You are very talented.

beanz said...

Thanks, FP