Saturday, 10 September 2011

30 minutes

My friend N is very good at getting me to think afresh. She has just started a new blog about  her approach.

We have been having a declutter in Derby as we hope to move after 20 years in the same house. But I have not faced my wardrobe for some time. One issue is that I have two wardrobes - most of my clothes have gravitated to York as I am here more than there, but I have to keep some in Derby for weekends. The other issue is that I hate clothes shopping and and I try to avoid looking at myself in the mirror. All to do with the weight issue of course.

To cut a long story short, I have confronted my York wardrobe and reduced the wearing collection considerably. There are now three piles - things I do wear; things I never wear (to go  the charity shop) and things I would like to wear when I lose a stone. There will be similar piles to identify in Derby too. And there is probably a pile to wear when I lose two stone as well.

So what has this to do with thirty minutes?

You may remember this used to be a running blog, but a knackerty knee put paid to that. I loved doing the exercise, but found it hard to fit in to a busy life at times. Since giving up the weight has piled on more. I have tried, I really have but have not found the focus. But this week I got back that 'high' when I walked to work, rather than cycling. And feeling good helps me eat better.

So I going to try to get 30 minutes walking every day. Easy on days in the office when there are no time pressures - I can make that 30 minutes each way. Weekends, are when I am less likely to get out of the house so that's when I have to make the effort.

I'll let you know how I get on (if there is anyone still out there reading).


CCK said...

Well I, of course,am still reading. So here is a pat on the back and a little nudge to keep at it! Good for your!

CCK said...

ach! should be YOU!!!

natalie said...

I'm here!

I've been trying (and failing) to do nine minutes each hour so you have encouraged me to start again tomorrow.

womble said...

Walking can make an amazing difference, especially if you can manage 2x30 minutes a few times a week. Do you want me to start 'watching' you?

Hugs to you and the family xxx

beanz52 said...

Woohoo Womble how lovely to see you, yes please your beady eye would really help.
Will report on the first week this evening with some data.