Sunday, 15 June 2008

Running on

Another week has passed and I have manged to run almost every other day.
Which is good - including 5 miles last Sunday and another 5 miles this Sunday. The average pace today was the best since I came back to running this year - and I did my best mile as well. If you want to know the gory details they are on my Fetch Training Log.
Yesterday I went to Chatsworth with LFV. It was a lovely day and we had a good walk round the grounds a few of the things we saw:
Revelation - this hydraulically powered water feature opens and closes as it fills with water. All the water features are supplied by water stored in reservoirs at the top of the estate, which in turn are supplied by water off the fells.

The meadows were fantastic, full of the most glorious flowers:

More pics on my Flickr page

Thanks for all the support.


Highway Kind said...

Every other day is a very good pattern. Well done.

Chatsworth is lovely. You remind me how much i always enjoy visiting the Peak District

Bedders said...

Well done! We'll have you in Switzerland next July at this rate. The pictures of the flowers are lovely but just to look at them makes me want to sneeze (hayfever sufferer here).

Revrunner said...

Far out! Both the running AND the "water feature." Looks like a fun destination.