Saturday, 7 June 2008

Still here

Two weeks since I blogged - not sure where it went.

I gardened at half term. As usual I suffered the next day or two - knee didn't like squatting so lots of back bending -but it has to be done.
The bog garden is beginning to show some colour now.

My quads are still giving me problems. I think it all stems back from protecting the leg too much. when I injured my knee. I heard this edition of Case Notes on radio 4. The female runner seems to have the same problems as me.
I had a session with the phyzz, A. She gave me some exercises to do to strengthen the quads and bring them back into balance. I MUST do them more regularly otherwise paying A for a session is a waste of time.
A and I tried out a Body Balance class at the gym last week, it was advertised as core strength and a mix of Tai Chi (sp?), yoga and pilates. But it was too advanced for me and although I enjoyed it I don't think it did me much good - I've had the first pain in the piriformis for about a year (although that could have been driving MrBeanz's car) - and my knees have been hurting more at night. I would like to find a beginners pilates class.

I have managed some running but not enough really. I've been reading back in my blog (really must save it somehow it is the nearest thing I have to a diary) and looking at when the training went well. Last summer I was getting out in the mornings before work and taking a route where the inclines are more gradual. I shall go back to that I think.

On a non-running note I had a bit of a rollercoaster ride over the last couple of days. Back in the spring I entered a national competition to win some biggish money to spend on a project to enhance physics teaching in school. A week or so ago I heard that I had won £1000 as a 'good runner up'. I was disappointed not to get through to the final but pleased to have £1000 to spend. On Thursday I had a call to say we had been upgraded to finalist so there would be £5000 to carry out my proposal and the opportunity to win even more money. Great excitement - scared, brain buzzing wondering what I had let myself in for. Then Friday morning another call - sorry we got it wrong, just the £1000. Complete deflation and disappointment. But we do have £1000 to spend on Physics.


Revrunner said...

Congrats, beanz! Hey, a 1000 pounds sounds good to me. What's the exchange rate now with U.S. dollars? Something like 2:1? That could buy you a whole lot of physics equipment here in the States.

Gotta go bike now in near 100-degree weather. Just couldn't stand another afternoon in the gym.

LFV said...

I too wouldn't mind beginners pilates - we could do it together.

Highway Kind said...

Firstly congratulations with the award. To get anything is an achievement and you must take pride in your acheivements.

On the running - persistant pain is a bugger and sometimes it is difficult to find the underlying cause. I believe that you must continue work within the pain. If what you do does not make things worse then that is OK. The question is not 'is it better?' but 'is it getting worse?'

Pilates sounds like a good idea.

Anyway take care and make sure that you get satisfation from what you do

Bedders said...

1k? Brilliant! well done!

b-z said...

a thousand pounds is a thousand pounds

and the mornings are light now

womble said...

Yes, yes, yes what they all said!