Friday, 23 May 2008

made it to half term

I went out on Monday morning and it was fine.
On Tuesday I was stiff from cutting the very long grass with the flymo.
On Wednesday I went out to run, but my knee was not having any of it - so I walked round a very small block and came home.
And today I went out again and ran ok - up to R7W3 this week :>))

I have renamed the zones in the training centre - otherwise I will never get to the stage where it tells me I am running :<(


Revrunner said...

Cool, beanz! But two questions. What's a "flymo?" Is it what we call a bush hog in this country? And what's R7W3? Okay, you got me. I guess that's actually three questions.

Highway Kind said...

Steadily, steadily you are making progress.

Well done

Bedders said...

as your blog says - keep on running.....keep it up.

beanz said...

Crumbs revrunnner we don't have enough grass for a bush hog - a flymo is one of these
though ours is much older- it kind of hovers but not so well when the grass is so long
I am getting back into running gradually so R7W3 means run 7 minutes walk 3 minutes recovery - like intervals for proper runners!
Your blog has disappeared again.