Sunday, 4 May 2008

Losing it ...............

I am a bit confused.
I struggle to find time to run - I guess that means I do not want it enough.
But I have plodded a few times and am losing a little weight.
But I still have achey legs - however that doesn't seem to depend on the plodding.
I am confused.

But runnerbeanz continues to run well.
He did his first track race for several years yesterday, running 5000m for the club. A creditable 18:41 ish. And he might be willing to do it again if required.

You can tell by the trees that there is a prevailing wind at the track!


womble said...

"I struggle to find time to run " Does that really mean "I struggle to find time for myself"? I imagine it's a busy time for you at work with exams coming up and at home too. Don't forget to put yourself first occasionally.


Highway Kind said...

One of the things i have noticed is how niggles seem to take forever to clear.

Mostly it is a matter of managing them, with the overall philosophy that is they are not getting any worse then they are OK.

Take care

Bedders said...

Great to see you Sunday! Keep the faith and now the weather is so glorious, try and get into a running pattern if that is possible. You looked in fine form at Stratford.(ps Go Bedders! is back.)

Girish Mallya said...

Just keep at it, and it will happen. Try bringing some variety by doing new things, to make it more fun.