Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Tris and things

It was Stratford Triathlon this weekend and while I have no intention of doing one, I do enjoy supporting. Lots of Pirates and Waisters did this one, so I went along for the company.

I have had a conversation with my brother and we seem to have agreed to do Robin Hood Half together on 14th September. Which means I HAVE to get back into regular running. I have now recovered my Garmin, so can begin collecting numbers. I went out on Saturday for 30 minutes in the park. Hard work and undulating so slow, but at least I was out there.
The intention is to do two runs in the week - working towards an hour and a lengthening run at the weekend. Hopefully as life settles down a bit, some swimming as well.

I looked back at what I was doing last year when the running was going well - at least I thought it was until the stuffing was knocked out of me at Amsterdam. I managed to improve my pace by the time it got to October. Judging by the Garmin data I seem to have been running at just under 150 bpm once the first mile was out of the way.
So that will be my guide as I get going again.


Revrunner said...

Glad to hear your back at it!

Highway Kind said...

Beanz this is great news.

You have a good plan based on experience and the race will enable you to put the bad experience of Amsterdam behind you.

Good luck

Joggerblogger said...

Cool See you there, this will be my 4th :-) we can meet up with you on the startline, some of the London crew are heading up for the run as well.

Bedders said...

Look forward - Amsterdam was one of those things that happens. You have got to try and erase it from the memory bank and be positive. Easier said than done. But you can.

womble said...

And you have a time to beat at Robin Hood ;o))

b-z said...

see you at robin hood

yes, you must lay the ghost of 'dam