Sunday, 18 May 2008

A good weekend :>)

Maybe risky to post that title on Sunday morning but it is.

On Friday evening I invited some friends over for pasta. Some were running the White Peak Marathon or the half on Saturday. I guess others came for the company and the wine. So we had a good natter, plenty of pasta and a (relatively) early night. One of the runners had a 'spare' Garmin 305 to sell - well it would have been rude to turn it down wouldn't it ;>) I will be even more geeky about the numbers I suspect.

On Saturday morning I was due in school at 9.15 to take some of the small boarders swimming. So an earlyish run was called for. The new garmin was not charged or set up , so off I with the old one for R5:W2 - it went well and I seem to be getting back to it now.

Off to school to collect the little girls. I didn't actually have to go in the water, that was left to someone else, I had a coffee and natter with a colleague. After depositing the girls back at school, I made my way over to Cromford to cheer in the friends.

I drove through some lovely countryside - I don't really know the part of south Derbyshire around Ashbourne. I didn't stop for pics - otherwise I would miss the speedy peeps coming in. The race is all along old railway routes , so on the whole fairly level but a few nasty inclines (down) near the end.
The finish along the canal is lovely Julie managed as mile as she made a charge to the finish.

I had a good natter with old friends and meeting some new people - including someone I had met at TrailPlus about 4 years ago- we recognised each other but it was she who remembered where we had met.
And so to Sunday - the Sun is shining and I have had a swim. So I am feeling virtuous :>)
Now back to the preparation for the week ahead. If I can do this properly it gives me a chance to get to bed reasonably and so go out for an early run - see the mind is willing even if the flesh is weak.

And I look forwardto seeing joggerblogger and b-z at Robin Hood - and maybe a few more folk too?


Highway Kind said...

That sounds like a great weekend.
Cromford has one of my all time favourite bookshops.

It makes a wonderful day out just to go to the village, wander around, and then spend a good chunk of time in Scarthin Bookshop (they have a good cafe as well).

I think I will be joining you at the Robin Hood. A half in September sounds like good idea

womble said...

You sound really cheerful! Hmmm swimming, running.... is there something missing from your life???

Bedders said...

Womble is right - all you need is to pick up cycling and you will be doing a tri before you know it.

beanz said...

But I don't like cycling

HK - Yes Scarthin Books, great soup! When I passed the sign on Saturday, I realised how long it is since i have been there.