Sunday, 28 September 2008

A misty moisty morning

It was the Kedleston Cancer Research Run 10k today, and I had I offered to marshall. It is a tough course - all off road, much on grass and plenty of hills. For anyone who is graduating from the local Race for Life it is a much tougher course, as well as being twice the distance. It was indeed a misty morning when we arrived as the photo shows, after some rain it brightened a little so the race was done in ideal conditions, cool and dry, though rather slippy under foot. I was marshalling just before th 9k mark and was able to tell people that it was now downhill and only a km to go.

I took runnerbeanz to university this week and I do miss him and the time we spent together, going to training and back. Theoretically I should have more time for me now, but it has not materialised yet.

Its been a struggle recently, no exercise for some time and no excuses just that I don't seem to have the time or inclination to go to the gym and by the evening I am too tired to swim.

I see runners out as I am driving to school, and wish I was running - but my knee has been better since I stopped running so I don't want to undo the good work. However I have a hospital appointment in a couple of weeks so I want to try a little plod before then so I can say whether that makes it worse or not. The quads no longer hurt its just the side of my knee.

Ho Hum


womble said...

Perhaps it's the winter blues, the fact that both teens are now away, new term.... all/any of those? We always have ups and downs, so there's an up coming your way soon. I blubbed a bit last weekend about Megawomble going off to university and he doesn't even live with me!

I think of you as a cheery person so I'll send you a little hug xx

Highway Kind said...

Our youngest is now in her second year. Last Sunday we took her back and played the game of spotting all the cars taking kids off to a new life.

When we returned the house felt strangely empty again.

All I am saying is that i emphatise with what you are feeling.

Take care (and don't rush your knee).