Wednesday, 4 November 2009

there and back again

I set out early for work but paused to admire the avenue of trees, just sycamore but still they look good - I wonder who planted them for my benefit?

The leaf litter is appreciated by blackbirds, I counted at least eight rooting around as I walked along - plenty of hedges for nests around here.

About three minutes later I realised I had left my work keys on teh shelf at home. So I turned to walk back and had the view back along the avenue towards my house.

I continue to marvel at my luck at having such a pleasant walk to work.

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K said...

Just catching up on the daily posts... I'm doing this NaBlo thing too, for the second year running.

I love my journey to work too, although in my case it's a bike ride. It makes me feel much better about having to go!