Saturday, 7 November 2009

Modular Knitting

At first sight modular knitting might seem the complete antithesis of the freeform knitting I did last week.
But because modular knitting happens in little chunks it is possible to make decisions as you go.
So my sock yarn blanket (also in my avatar) is made of lots of little squares knitted from many different yarns, I have been using colours semirandomly.

The modular waistcoat (left) I am now building is from just one yarn and I have been just adding squares and seeing how it goes - actually that isn't quite true, I did sketch out a design on squared paper, and am recording how what actually happens.
I need to finish it as I want to wear it at work. And then I can get on with other projects!


K said...

The waistcoat looks lovely so far - surprising how much variation you're getting from a single yarn (or at least it surprises me!)

Teopp said...

I love the look of using a single type of self striping yarn for modular knitting, and I think your waistcoat has great potential to be a beautiful example of how good the technique is matched with the right yarn.

beanz said...

Thank you both its coming on nicely