Sunday, 13 December 2009

keeping warm

I wanted to knit a gilet type garment - my desk at work is by a north facing window, which is leaky (water splashed on my desk when the window cleaner came, even though it was 'closed').

So I get cold, but I am at an age when my thermostat is unstable, so I need clothing that comes on and off easily.

I couldn't find something I liked so I had to make it up as a go along. Modular knitting is ideal for this - add a bit, hold it up and see whether it needs another chunk.

So I have knitted this.

The image is a little dark - my house has only a northern aspect, with the light not really getting into the house or garden, so tricky to take daylight photographs.

But there has been some lovely morning light this week, our local church looked great this week in the low sunlight.


Highway Kind said...

Happy Christmas

I hope 2010 is good for you.

gavin said...

a gilet sounds good to me I have been badgering the family knitter for a suitable felted wool one for some time to no avail. If I said the chickens also required one they would get their gilet before me of that I am certain!

Laura said...

beautiful photo, makes me homesick for the UK.