Sunday, 3 October 2010

Changing scenery?

One of the joys of the autumn is picking up a freshly fallen conker. That beautiful colour and the feel of the gloosy shell. It doesn't last long, after a few days the gloss has gone and it begins to dehydrate.

And the pleasure may not be with us for many more years either.

I had a few days in Oxfordshire last week. Whilst driving my Mum around we noticed that the Horse Chestnut trees had turned brown ahead of other trees around. My Mum said she had heard that there is a disease affecting them, she was correct.
The Independent on Sunday reports today Spread of alien moth puts Britain's conker trees at risk

Imagine the change to our countryside if we lose them all - changes on the scale of the loss of elms last century.

Enjoy them while you can.

Knitting too
I have a few things completed, taking part in The Yarn Yard 12 in 12 challenge means completing a pair of socks each month for 12 months.
This is my September pair.

I also knitted a pair across the months - Nightmail:

And then there is the longer term project to knit a waistcoat.
A Jane Thornley pattern, Road to Indigo >

This is taking some time but the beautiful yarns are giving such amazing colours.

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Highway Kind said...

I have noticed the browning of local chestnut trees and have the same fears. They are the character of many open areas.

I dread to think what Cambridge will look like if their trees are struck down