Sunday, 10 October 2010


Beginning of the cross country season today, so back to soggy fields and autumn colours. No time to photos of runners as I was asked to judge the finish of the races and make sure people kept in line in the funnel.
I didn't go to any races last winter so it was great to go back, the buzz as I walked into brought back memories of previous winters: the smell of deep heat and sweat as the men run, the gasping for breath as they finish, wishing I could run it too, until I calculate that I would be so far behind the last lady I'd be lapped by the next two races. A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and the sun shone for a while.

And I have been knitting too:
A swatch for my latest project a waistcoat / vest in autumnal colours, this is inspired by Jane Thornley's approach to knitting.
Mostly this is knitted with two fingering weight yarns ("4-ply") jnitted together, which creates a greater range of colours, and some more subtle colour changes.

Some things learned from the swatch and more as I go. I am waiting for a sunny morning to take more photos of the 'real thing'.

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