Monday, 2 January 2012

Losing it

I know, new year, old resolutions.
But I shall try again, this time with the support of some good friends in Knitty World aka Ravelry.
Walking and eating sensibly are still the targets, with diabetes looming ever closer maybe I can gain some focus.

I've started with a walk today, which was just how it should be, clear sky and sunshine, fresh wind and a camera to hand.
I love the sight of winter naked trees against the sky
It was longer than intended as the first route was blocked by a construction site, as was my second attempt at a circular route, but I did come over the brow of the ill to find the Minster on the skyline.
Spot the Minster, interesting how it looks much clearer by eye.
When I set off my garden thermometer was registering 15 C and it was hard to believe it is January, especially when I saw these roses on  my way back.

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sue said...

‘Lo there our Beanzie :0)

Keep on walking! I’ll pop in now and again with some support and to track your progress xxx

One never knows, I may even make it to York sometime this year. A place I often vow to revisit. We could catch up over a coffee and some knitting needles

Take care