Monday, 9 January 2012

So far so good....

I didn't walk every day and I didn't steer clear of all things sweet completely. But I did my best, which was good enough.
And lost 1.9 kg! Which just goes to show how much I have to lose.

I've been away for my Annual Conference - this year to Liverpool. I've been before but never with my camera eye. And as I am trying to file a photo a day on Photo Stash on Flickr I took my camera for a walk between hotel and conference.
The Victorians did a good job in Liverpool and a surprising number of their excellent buildings have survived. So there are lots on Flickr, but this is the building that made me stop and say 'I must take a photo'.
We came out of a marquee on the University site, round the corner from a plain concrete block to this
The original grand Victorian University building, with wonderful brickwork. The people just ahead were also taken by surprise by the building and whipped out their phones and iPads to capture the image.

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