Wednesday, 24 November 2004

Getting on track

Went to London today for a meeting - arrived early so fitted in 45 minutes walking before my meeting - and did my first batch of Christmas shopping in the British Museum shop!
Avoided the biscuits and tried to choose sensibly from the sandwiches at lunch time - plus some fruit.

Back home in time to go for a run with my running partner at the club, and we managed a pb on our 3.8 mile route - knocking four minutes off our previous best time. It's much easier to keep going without pausing for a walk when there's two of us. Whilst my HR crept a little above 75%, I was never struggling and average was 74%. Maybe I ought to try to measure my max again, have not done it for ages and I could probably push myself harder now.

points consumed: 26.5
points earned : 9

PS why is the time showing on this clock wrong - doesn't it know I'm in the UK?


Evil Pixie said...

Beanz at the bottom of the creat a post page there should be a section for you to change the time - I forget to change mine most of the time though!
Good luck with the FLM magazine due very soon ... :-D

beanz said...

Thanks, Kim