Friday, 26 November 2004

a good run

Went out this evening with my partner at the club - 3.8 miles in 45 minutes - good for us! Partner can actually go a bit quicker than me so she tows me along!

Signed up on the club notice board to go in the club ballot for an FLM place if I don't get one in the main ballot. The club has 6 places, and not normally too many wanting to do marathons, so I am in with a chance there (eek it might become a reality).

Away for a few days now, taking my running shoes with me.

food 26 points
exercise 6 points

1 comment:

Evil Pixie said...

So you are doing London then! Good for you!
Well done with the points too ... I always ended up hungry so eat too much then gave up! But when I did WW pre-running I lost loads! Glenn lost a lot with them too. But I believe you have already shed a lot so WELL DONE BEANZ!