Sunday, 20 July 2008

not so good

After running 6 miles last Sunday and going to the gym on Monday it all went downhill.
The gym programme on Monday evening left me very stiff and tired, and I chickened out of running on Tuesday - lots of excuses not many reasons.
But that made me eat badly too :<(
Wednesday to Friday was spent in Cambridge. I managed one run, by the end of which my left piriformis ached. (All the trouble recently has been on the right side, so this was a bit of a surprise.)
I was lazy yesterday and today I tried to run 7 miles but the piriformis and the knee got the better of me.
My knee and quads still give me grief - aching if I sit too long, aching some of the time when I drive, my knee sometimes feels really sensitive to touch and sometimes tingles.
I wonder whether I should just give up running for some time and concentrate on the gym strength and stretch. I would have to work really hard at that to get weight off at the same time.
I think I'll email this to the phyzz.


Revrunner said...

Lazy and only 7 miles?! Now if I did 7 miles, I'd definitely take the next day or even two off. :-)

Highway Kind said...

These aches and pains are so frustrating. It feels like always having to start again - and that is a great test of resolve.

I too find consistency a struggle but am convinced it is the most important thing.

The big trick is to find the base level of exercise you can maintain without problems. Repeat until fixed and then gradually extend it one or two times a week. You do not have to extend every session.

Sometimes going backwards to go forwards is the way to go. Concentrating on strength might be a good plan.

But don't get discouraged. I'm sure things will come right.

Best wishes