Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Putting the knee right

I went to see a different phyzz today. She examined my knee thoroughly and asked lots of questions.

There is nothing seriously wrong - no meniscus problems. Probably the medial ligament causing problems something like this.

She has advised me to take a couple of weeks off running to try and normalise the strength in the leg. So lots of exercises - half squats, leg press, balancing on the bosu together with swimming and cycling - but don't get any funny ideas.

I really want to get this right and need to focus on doing these exercises for the next few weeks while I have time.


womble said...

"balancing on the bosu together with swimming and cycling" I can see a use for the bosu when swimming - I imagine it might work as a float, but where does it go on a bike?

Listen to what phyzz says, do what she says, don't worry and you'll be fine xx

WildWill said...

all that swimming and cycling .....

... i know a race you can aim for

Adele said...

Take it easy...the swimming will feel lovely in this sticky weather :)

Bedders said...

wildwill is thinking along the same lines as me.....IMCH?

See you at Datchet one morning for a green weed finding contest?