Saturday, 16 August 2008

A good week

Cycled a couple of miles in the morning - getting the hang of the gears now. Need to up the miles!
And I tried out Body Pump at the gym. Although I couldn't do the squats and lunges (knees) I enjoyed the rest and will try and go again.

Swam 28 lengths in sets of 4 fc. Will add some variety to that - some pyramids I think to get the endurance up to 6 and more without pause. Before the knee trouble i stuggled to do more than one fc without a breather, so progress is being made :>)

I went into school and did various jobs - so lot so of up and down stairs had to do for exercise.

A level results day and the teenbeanzes did well. Both have achieved (and bettered) the grades they needed to get for their preferred Universities, so they (and we) are pleased. We're very proud of them both.
I spent the day helping grown up daughter find somewhere to live when she starts her first real job as a teacher next month. We were successful - just have to hope people get on with the references so she can move in asap.

Coffee and natter with LFV, shopping with the young beanzes and lots of Olympics to watch :>)

More Olympics (and more gold medals) and gardening for exercise.


Highway Kind said...

Congratulations to the teanbeanz'
Medals all round

womble said...

Oooh, will grown-up-daughter be close by? Two physics teachers in the family?

Bedders said...

Congrats to the teanbeanz. There is still space at IMCH you know now you have the hang of the gears...

WildWill said...

Well done to the teanbeanz's

And glad to see you improving on Both the swim and the Bike

beanz said...

Yes two Physics teachers - but she will be in Cambridge so geekbeanz has big sis in the same town :>)

Bedders - I am looking forward to supporting its well outside my compass

Red Haired Girl said...

Hey well done to the teens, sounds like you're doing well on the keeping fit front despite the knees!

p.s. I've tagged you... hope you don't mind.