Monday, 25 August 2008

Where did the holiday go?

As usual its nearly back to work time and I don't know where the time has gone.

Although I have completed some of the things I wanted to do, most are not started or only just begun.

I spend too much time on the computer, not being productive but surfing around .....

I haven't done as much exercise as I promised myself. The conundrum is this: if I don't get out early I don't do it, but in the holidays I feel I should not have to get up so early every day and so I am lazy and stay in bed.

So today is BH Monday and that was the last lie-in. Its amazing how close deadlines concentrate the mind!

On the positive side, my knee is much improved - no more aching quads and much less discomfort in the knee - in spite of some gymming and gardening. And the garden does look better, though still work to do.

Verdict : Must try harder.


womble said...

Holidays are for lounging about! Don't beat yourself up. You've still done lots even if it's not what you've planned.

Celebrate what you *have* done.




WildWill said...

do any of us get as much done as we plan when on holiday ... i know i never do.

You have done and achived so much ... it doesnt matter that everything on the list isnt ticked off ... life is a bit like that


Highway Kind said...

It's one of the laws of holidays - we never do what we intend.

The good news is your knee is getting better. Hope that it is soon fully healed