Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year - old beginnings

It is has made me feel quite low really - all the talk of resolutions and the joke that they will have failed by Monday.

Well I am living proof of that a year on and no progress with running or weight loss. See last year's new year's day post.

I did manage to keep my sugar free eating going for a month, but fell off the wagon when I went to give blood and succumbed to the biscuits. It was followed by lots of home baking with too many temptations, I have not stuck to the plan for the last couple of weeks - and little exercise too.

However a long chat today with a good friend has encouraged me to get back to it - lots more I could say but enough.


Highway Kind said...

Don't give up.

The important thing is to keep trying. Success comes and goes. It feels nice for a time but always trying to improve is the thing that matters

Think of all the things you have acheived in the year and that should give you some confidence to go on and acheive different things in the coming year

Best wishes

Bedders said...

Happy New Year. I know you won't give up and I also know that this year will be a success. You inspired me last year to do IM 2009 so perhaps now it's my turn.