Sunday, 18 January 2009

Running AND Knitting AND Swimming

Running first. Yesterday was such a beautiful morning that I could not resist going out for a short plod. I decided to go in the park - which is beautiful but hilly and fairly soggy underfoot. So it was a slow plod - run-walk going out and walk-run coming back up the hill. But I felt so much better for doing it and my knee did not object at the time - or since.

Then I went to my not very local yarn shop - in Nottingham - to buy yarn for some of the projects I plan to knit over the next few weeks and months. There are so many lovely yarns and great ideas for how to use them, it is great to do something creative after a long time of not doing anything crafty.

This morning I have swum - the first time since the end of November, and boy did it show. I needed to do it because I want to return to the swimfit sessions I was doing last term, before I caught a dreadful cold.

So a good weekend - I am now so full of endorphins that I believe I can do anything. I am sure I will return to normal soon!

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Highway Kind said...

You can do anything!

Good news on your knee.