Sunday, 1 February 2009

Work-Life balance

At the moment my work-life balance is all wrong.
Well it must be if I have no time/energy to run in the week, mustn't it?

I have been intending to go swimming on a Wednesday but it just is not going to happen. I am working long days, and I know I get long holidays but that doesn't help the balance. Eery holiday I am starting from scratch again with the running and not making any progress.

So in the short term I am just going to do what I can and see how it goes without beating myself up about it. I did go for a plod yesterday - just a couple of miles but felt much better for it.

Maybe I have just transferred my addiction to knitting. I have discovered that knitted dishcloths do not have to be made from that string we learned to knit with at primary school.

Last weekend I visited Create and Knit a (fairly) local yarn shop run by a knitter I met on Ravelry. She has a lovely stock of yarns, including cotton yarns in an amazing range of colours.
As a result this week I have knitted two dishcloths.

The only trouble is they are so pretty it seems a shame to use them!

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sue said...

I love the dishcloth designs! did you work to a pattern or make it up yourself? I'm slowly getting back into the knitting/sewing thing as well. I'm debating getting a knitting machine again. I had lots of fun with mine when I had one, and it earned me a few pennies as well.
Don't worry about the running, just do what you can when you can. Things will change again in the fullness of time. Just keep in touch ok?