Monday, 9 February 2009

Snow snow snow

OK it was pretty to start but a day off work was not as much fun as I thought it might be - missed teaching exam classes that I am worried about, felt guilty about not getting as much done as I might have done.

And it is definitely not running outside weather.

But there is always knitting.

I've been knitting a few projects that are to be surprises for people who may or may not lurk on here, so no details yet.

You'll notice a new widget on here. This is a fund raiser for Médecins sans Frontières.

A nice idea from Ravelry knitting forum, where there are many free patterns and much generous advice. Essentially the message is - if you receive a kindness pass it on. So after downloading and knitting a pattern make a donation to MsF. Or any other justification you can think of come to that!

So that'll be quite a bit from me then.

1 comment:

Adam Hunter said...

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Basically we send you whatever shoes you like from our site. You write about them on your blog and keep them.

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