Thursday, 2 April 2009

no running, some knitting, much stressing

A long time since I blogged.

My work-life balance is all wrong. During term time the working day is too long to do anything and at the weekends I am too tired and have become very slothful. As a result I have put on weight too.
Its now the Easter holidays and I have frittered away this first week, still no exercise apart from the odd walk.

I have managed a little knitting - some more mystery blanket squares:

Others are on my flickr pages.
I have made various other things but find it difficult to focus on a bigger project while I am at work.
As a result of this lack of balance I have decided to make a move and will be going back into the curriculum development world in September. I shall not be freelance this time, but full time in one post. For the first time I will be working in an office regularly. I hope I can cope!
I am hoping this will give me a better structure to my day and week. As a result I plan to do more exercise and more knitting.


Highway Kind said...

Jobs can eat your life for a shortish period of time but beyond that they hollow you out (well that was my experience). So well done on making a change.

Good luck and best wishes

womble said...

I want to give you a huge hug, I really do. You've given it your best but in the end you have to do what's right for you. I'm sure the girls who've been in your care will have benefitted immensely, the way you spoke about teaching always made me feel that you were really good at it. However, the system has to give something back to you too.

Sitting at a desk.....? Let me get that exercise plan polished up again. Make sure you're in an office with lots of stairs to get to it!

Best wishes xxxx

womble said...

Looking at your knitting pictures -I am in awe! They are amazing. When you come down sarf I expect a knitting tutorial!

sue said...

Hya Beanzie - nice to see you 'out and about'. Lovely knitting, and good move re the job. Maybe we'll see more of you?