Sunday, 11 January 2009


Since I went to a knitting workshop last October I have begun to get into knitting more. It is a great activity for dark nights, even if it does mean I stay up too late and not get up in the morning for a run.

Actually after a few more twinges with my knee I have decided to stay off running until I see the specialist again in a couple of weeks. I haven't done any exercise in the past week, but fully intend to swim this week at least.

The knitting is going much better. I have joined Debbie Abrahams Mystery Knitting Club. Each month we are sent the materials and pattern to knit 5 suqare stowards a blanket. We don't kwo what the overall design will be like, though I did have some idea of the colours because I met Debbie at a workshop before Christmas. At the workshop we were making Christmas things and I made some napkin rings.

Since the first package for the blanket arrived on 31st December I have been hooked on that.
Knitting has come on a long way in the last 25 years, since I really did any knitting and now there are so many lovely yarns and new techniques for knitting texture that this blanket is so exciting.
The photos don't do the squares justice, and I haven't 'blocked' them yet, so they are a bit curled at the edges at the moment.

I am going to have to keep the knitting to the weekends in termtime otherwise I will never get anything else done!

The forums are just as addictive as RW, to add to the distractions.


Michaela said...

This is so weird! I've knitted the squares and it looks like you have my knitting at your house! They look great - I can't wait until feb 1st now, can you? So pick up vs sew up doesn't look any different to me. Thanks for showing them!

womble said...

The idea of a knitting forum seems so funny to me! But then, I expect knitters can't work out what there is to talk about re running, either.

Oh hang on, "it's not a knitting club" it says somewhere on RW.....