Monday, 16 December 2013

A walk on the walls

What do you think of when you think of York stone?
Maybe York stone pavements - there are plenty of those around the country.

Or maybe you think of the glorious York Minster - still wonderful against a stone-coloured sky, and with scaffolding cladding each end.

But if you have visited you might also think of the city wall, we have more miles of intact city wall than any other city in the country.

Today I took a walk on the walls and imagined I was walking with friends who insist on doing this on every visit.
I collected a few images of  the stone and bricks of York for this collage.

Did you spot the interloper?

Knitting is everywhere. Maybe it was a visit to York that inspired Natalie to dye this particular yarn.

1 comment:

CCK said...

Yes, I spy....and now wonderful what beautiful piece of art you are creating now with all of this inspiration.....