Thursday, 5 December 2013

Returning to blogging world

Well its been a long time, and I am not sure whether I will keep this going, but I'll try.
Life is a busy as ever, I still regret not being able to run, but there are other things to write about.

So to bring the story up to date (if there is still anyone out there reading?):

We are living in York now, though 'camping' in a rented house whilst our is being refurbished. I am still enjoying my work at the University and am coming to the end of writing a dissertation for my MA in Science Education (by research).

I returned to WW a few months ago and am managing to lose a steady pound a week with the support of WW, MrBeanz - who is doing most of the cooking these days, and a couple of friends with whom I am WW virtually, we text and email support for each other.

The key as always is exercise. We live about 1.5 miles from the office, so walking there and back most days is making me feel much better, and helping with the weight loss I am sure.

I have to write for the day job, and the more I write the easier it gets. So writing here will be part of maintaining that momentum.

But I promise that there will be no more writing about WW until I get to goal, and then I may well celebrate.

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CCK said...

And we shall celebrate with you! Ganbatte !