Saturday, 7 December 2013

Colour Journal Project

Natalie, of the Yarn Yard has a new plan to bring colour into our lives.
Part of this plan is to have a colour journal. Coincidentally I have recently started a journal too, largely to have a record of the many concerts we go to, but I shall try to make it have a wider brief, to inspire my knitting over the coming year as well.

I began by picking up some leaves on my way in this morning before they all blow away, they go well with my lovely red journal:

So I've made a start on the colour collection.


CCK said...

Wow you are full of inspiration this week!

CCK said...

Me you knit at the concerts you attend?

Beanz said...

Ooh no, I take my knitting to do before, but not during.

Natalie said...

I'm not a knitter at things either, I would drop stitches I'm sure.

Beanz said...

It would definitely be frowned on in concerts, particularly classical ones.
I shall be knitting at folk festivals in the summer.