Sunday, 10 April 2005

catching up

Well that was awful.

Back from what should have been an hours plod to build confidence for NEXT SUNDAY eek.

But I just coudl nto get going, eventually it did not feel too bad, then my back began to ache. Usually that does not happen unless there is anuphill bit near the end, but this was after 20 minutes, so I am afraid I turned round and came home. I know I should not make that deecision so early in a run - it takes 20 minutes to get going anyway.

Maybe it was the gardening yeterday, though I did not do anything strenuous really.

Anyway I have done a good set of stretches and my resolution for the week is to do them every day.

I only ran once durigngweek too, as I was working solidly on a projectthat had to be done by 5.00 Friday - it was except there was too much to email, so I had to post it :<(.

Now that project isout of the way I have plenty of time to panic about FLM eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek


C A D said...



An hour..???? When you're supposed to be tapering..?? Blimey!! 20 minutes should do you shouldn't it..? - especially with the gardening yesterday. 20 mins and you will have covered a good distance to keep your legs ticking over.

Please stop fretting now. Sunday (next sunday excepted) is a day of rest and although next week is a huge week for you - you will be okay on Sunday. You've done the hard work and you need to enjoy the rewards now.

[looks out of the study window and *knows* THAT fun about the garden is way overdue]


Andrew McEvoy said...


Stop worrying. You've done the hard work so you should be enjoying the plods not putting pressure on yourself.

It's not a crime to relax now.


beanz said...

thanks, guys

bz said...

this is simply what you get in taper
everything is hard
you think youve forgoten how to run
you feel sluggish

Now youve done the work