Sunday, 3 April 2005

tapering underway

was scheduled for a 2 hour plod

coudl not face my usual long run up the main road and back, so looked for an alternative route.

went out for an hour, unexciting route, but at least a new one, with different houses and gardens to look at

then looped back to pick up teenbeanz who came out with me for a second different loop;

did not go as far as we should have done (too many golfers impeding our route) and ended up only doing 1:45 - but it was very hilly!

where: road & park
what: 7.4 miles
time: 1:44:41
pace: 14:12 mm
AHR: forgot strap for first half!


bz said...

phew can still post even tho my blog is deleted

well done!

Andrew McEvoy said...

Well done, Beanzie.

You've done the hard work now it's time to enjoy the fruits.

Take it easy