Wednesday, 13 April 2005

last plod

So been out for my last plod before Sunday.

Slow, but better than the last one.

Should have done it at the club yesterday evening, but instead I chatted to the other woman doing FLM on a club place. She is a fast peep - was going for 3:15 but fell a month ago and banged her knee.
Still not recovered, so just hoping to get round without doing more damage.

Must tot up how much I have at stake for WaterAid.

Tomorrow a gentle swim, a massage and then off to London - working there Friday, and staying over.



Andrew McEvoy said...

Just in case I don't speak to you tomorrow, Beanzie. I wanted to wish you all the best for Sunday. I know you'll do it and I know you'll enjoy it.

You've got to show us scaredy cat fence-sitting woofters that marathons are easy.

If it gets tough, remember all the WAISTers will be right behind you with encouraging words, sustenance and a well-deserved hug.

Go Beanzie. Go go go.

b-z said...

at last-it is here
good luk beanzie

Highway Kind said...


I hope you have a really good day.

All you have to do is just keep your legs moving.......job done!

beanz said...

thanks, guys