Tuesday, 19 April 2005

resting, resting, resting ....

Well I have set my new targets for running and fitness:

Lose 3 stone over the next year or so


Run a 2:15 half marathon

THEN enter another marathon

I really do want to do another marathon, but I found 6½ hours on my feet just too long - definitely not cut out for ultras!

So healthy eating starts here and if necessary I shall go back to WW


Leon - Aim High! said...

Hi again beanz - Good for you - We all nedd something to aim for in life and those sound like brill goals to me - I'll be keeping a beady little eye on you mind - I should be returning to blog land soon but with a new blog - change in life direction and things seemed to make it an appropriate step.

New blog is active but I'll emial you when it's up and running.

beanz said...


b-z said...

au contraire--you CAN do ultras if you can do time on your feet

Highway Kind said...

Well done Beanz

I have been told that the path to wisdom is to dive in deep and come up shallow.

You have taken the plunge into the marathon and now you are coming up with good plans

Take care.