Tuesday, 26 April 2005

still hurting

still have a sore hamstinrg - which is not helped by walking on hard pavements

not sure whether I should be getting more (nonrunning) activity so I can stretch it


icing and resting

have booked with the phyzz for Thursday week - first appointment we could both do

advice oh wise ones??


Evil Pixie said...

rest and ice and see physio!
I think FLM took more out of both of us than expected!

beanz said...

yep - I am going to rest - I've had 4 days workign away since FLM, all have included lots of hard pavement

so now I will rest

also took some ibuprofen last night when I went to bed, which seems to have helped sleeping and this morning

Leon said...

And if it's not an injury.....

Good sports massage

Cured my Hammy a treat...


b-z said...

hope its better soon