Saturday, 23 April 2005

still tired :<(

I still feel tired - partly I think because I have a sore hamstring and walking is an effort.

Stupidly went for (slight) style over comfort in London and wore my flat Eccos rather than more cushioned Merrels.

Did not help my hamstring heal as I plodded the concrete pavements.

Hoped I'd be out for a plod this weekend and now not so sure.

Was going to swim this morning, but instead been taxiing scoutteenbeanz to stuff - I am happy to do it but was not how I imagined the day.

Derby are at home the afternoon so going for a swim near the ground is not a good idea.

So plan C is to skip swimming today and have more rest (and maybe a bit of gardening) then swim tomorrow and gym on Monday

back to Cambridge and London again Tuesday/Wednesday, so more pavements and no running :<(


Evil Pixie said...

Nah - keep resting, no need to rush back to things. I am seriously considering just walking (with a little jog) for a few weeks!
Now take care fellow London Marathon Runner!!

beanz said...

you are right,I am not ready to run yet

slept for 3 hours this afternoon!

will go for a gentle swim tomorrow though

got to start eating properly too

Leon said...

"Keep on resting, keep on resting, keep on resting, resting, resting......"

My thanks to Dorie from Finding Nemo

Yes it's a misquote.... but you will know when your body is ready to get back to it.

Oh - Hi there!!!! :o)

b-z said...

yes dont underestimate what a marathon does to your body
take care