Wednesday, 1 February 2006

a good day

Starting with WW and weigh in - lost 2 lbs this week - getting intot he groove at last.

Mrbeanz had the day off so after he had been to the phyzz with his sore calf (torn muscle) we went out for lunch - a very rare event as we never seem to be at home together on a weekday when the teenbeanzes are at school. So we went to the pub around the corner and had a pensioners' lunch - bargain week day lunches - the few other people in there were all much greyer haired than us! It had much improved since last time we went, must go again some time.

And then club run this evening - was cold probably around about 0C - has not crept much above that today.

Just a couple of miles as it was sooo cold, and we had our beginner with us; but they were good miles:

distance: 2.04 miles
time: 26:26 minutes
pace: 12:57 mm
AHR: 144

Rest day tomorrow - working away tomorrow.


Mrs V said...

Nice one Beanz, good progress esp with WW

HappyasLarry said...

Well done beanz. The times are good on the long run and the HR is consistent. With the training and the weight loss, you will setting PB's at FLM.

Outsidenow said...

Well done on WW Beanz. Sounds like you had good day.