Thursday, 9 February 2006

Good Wednesday

A good day

  • another pound gone missing at WW - some progress at last on that front

  • a good run at the club - 3 miles, no walking and my best ever time for the route (by 3½ minutes) - including several roads to cross
    what: 3.2 miles
    pace: 12:50 mm
    AHR: 148

  • sugarfreeme - stuck with it all day and feel better for it


Leon said...

Just been reading about the sugar-free thing Beanz... fantastic plan, and wish you all the best with it!!

A misplaced pound...
Nice run too...
Good for you


Evil Pixie said...

Go Girl! go!

HappyasLarry said...

Good one Beanz. Another PB and another pound gone too. :0)

Outsidenow said...

Great progress on the running & WW Beanz.