Sunday, 19 February 2006

Plodding on

Blogging by email this week so no fancy formatting or tables.

After a lie-in and some work I made it out for a short plod in the park. Aimed for a steady run, not easy given some of the gradients. However I did keep going in the last half mile up the hill.
What: plod in the park
distance : 2.6 miles
Pace: 14:34
AHR: 136

In Cambridge and up in time to start the day with a plod. It's good to run on a level route again. It was time for a threshold run and I set the Garmin up :
5 mins @ 60% AHR
5 mins @ 70% AHR
2 mins @ 80%; 1 min @ 70%; x 5
5 mins @ 70% AHR
5 mins @ 60% AHR

It was hard work without TP Jackie to keep me going - but I managed at least 1.5 minutes of 80% in each rep. And as I wasn't back at the hotel by the end I plodded back at about 70%

What: threshold run
distance : 3.2 miles
Pace: 12:41
AHR: 139
MHR: 180
Fastest rep :10:15 mm for 2 minutes

Pretty pleased with the numbers.


Sluggie said...

Well done beanzie, it's good to hear you sounding more positive.

b-z said...

excellent beanz

Evil Pixie said...

well done - keep on plodding

HappyasLarry said...

Well done Beanz. Those are good numbers, looks like going to TP helped perk you up.

Outsidenow said...

Well done Beanz. Speed sessions ARE tough when you're without TPs.